Armenia and Azerbaijan continue to attack each other in the ongoing ceasefire in the Nagorno-Karbakh region. Quoting officials, Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported that there was heavy shelling on Tuesday as well.

Meanwhile, British news agency Reuters reported that Armenia and Azerbaijan are going to negotiate mediation by the United States after Russia resolves the conflict.

The old conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the Nagorno-Karbakh region resumed on 26 September. Hundreds of people have already died in the conflict. Russia has so far tried to mediate the conflict. However, the fighting did not stop after a ceasefire agreement was signed between Moscow and Armenia on the initiative of Moscow.

Azerbaijan’s defense ministry said clashes occurred in several areas, including the disputed area. Ethnic Armenian authorities in the Nagorno-Karbakh region called for a new shell attack on Tuesday. They say fighting has escalated to the south of the conflict zone.

In such a situation, the United States has taken the initiative to negotiate with arbitration. Armenia and Azerbaijan said on Tuesday (October 20) that their foreign minister would meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington on Friday (October 23) to try to end the fighting. Pompeo is scheduled to hold separate meetings with the foreign ministers of the two countries. It was not immediately clear whether the Armenian and Azri Foreign Ministers would meet separately. The State Department did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

A new ceasefire was implemented at midnight on Saturday (October 17), mediating by Russia after the first round of ceasefire failed. However, Armenia and Azerbaijan have also accused each other of ceasefire violations.

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