Azerbaijan has demanded Armenian rebels to occupy a strategically important mountain in the disputed Nagorno-Karbakh region. The occupation was sought after a clash between the armies of the two countries on Sunday. This mountain helps maintain communication in enclaves controlled by Yerevan and Armenia.

“Our troops have captured the 3,000-meter-high strategic Murovdag peak,” Hikmat Haziev, a spokesman for the Azerbaijan presidential office, told reporters.

The fighting took place on Sunday between two Central Asian neighbors, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The two countries are blaming each other for the conflict over the disputed Nagorno-Karbakh region. Many people are feared dead due to conflict.

The Nagorno-Karbakh region has long been the scene of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The region is internationally recognized as Azerbaijan but is controlled by the Armenian ethnic group. Conflict between the two countries has increased in the last few months. In July, there were widespread conflicts on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border. It killed 18 soldiers on both sides.

18 Armenian rebel soldiers killed

The Armenian rebel official says Azerbaijani troops have killed 16 rebel fighters in the disputed area.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the separatists, preliminary reports indicated that 18 soldiers were killed and over 100 were injured.

Five civilians died in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s prosecutor’s office says five members of a family have been killed in the shelling by Armenian separatists.

A statement said that five members of a family were killed in GayaShalti village due to gunfire.

Azerbaijan declares war on many cities and regions

The Parliament of Azerbaijan has declared war on many cities and territories. Constitutional and property rights and the free movement of citizens and foreigners of the country have been partially and temporarily banned at a meeting of the National Assembly.

Under this decision, curfew has been imposed in some areas. The internet has been shut down. Earlier, the country promulgated martial law.

Phone conversation between Putin and the Prime Minister of Armenia

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Armenian Prime Minister Nicholas Pashinyan spoke in phone conversations about the current situation. The Russian President’s Office Kremlin said in a statement on Sunday.

The statement said that in their conversation, it was not important to escalate tensions and postpone all military action.

After the conflict began, the Armenian government issued martial law and ordered the troops to be prepared. In a statement, Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan said, “Get ready to protect our sacred motherland.”

The Armenian Prime Minister also warned Turkey not to interfere in the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan. He also asked the international community to ensure that Turkey does not join the conflict. Source: Al Jazeera

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