Azerbaijan citizens have the opportunity to freely enter Turkey without a visa. Similarly, Turkish citizens will also have the opportunity to travel to Azerbaijan. They will get this opportunity under an agreement between the two countries. A statement from Turkey’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the matter on Friday. According to a report in Turkish media ie. Afaq.

The report said that the visa-free travel agreement was signed between the two countries on Thursday. Under this, the authorities will allow travel only if you keep your identity card instead of visa.

A statement from Turkey’s Foreign Ministry stated that the newly signed protocols would not only enhance communication between our people but would also be important in our relations with fraternal Azerbaijan.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday attended Azerbaijan’s victory ceremony against Armenia. On Friday, Ankara announced a visa-free visit between the two countries.

Speaking on a victory celebration in Azerbaijan, Erdogan said that Armenian soldiers committed war crimes in prison. They have destroyed cities, villages, mosques. Therefore they should be given justice.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have reached an agreement mediated by Russia after six weeks of clashes. As a result, Armenia has lost control of the Armenian territory of Nagorno-Karbakh. Even after 1990, the six districts he occupied were handed over to Azerbaijan. Azeri sees this as a victory for himself. Ankara has given full military and diplomatic support to Azerbaijan in this war. As a result, Turkey sees Azerbaijan’s victory as its victory. Armenia also thinks that they have been humiliated by the Ezeri forces due to Turkish intervention.

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