The situation in the Greek deputy camp for migrants is dire: Doctors Without Borders are calling the alarm. Apparently the circumstances are worse than previously thought.

About three months after the great fire in the Moria refugee camp, Development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU) denounced the continuing catastrophic conditions for migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos. “The new Kara Tepe camp is clearly no better – quite the contrary: Doctors Without Borders now had to start a vaccination campaign against tetanus because babies are bitten by rats in wet tents,” said Müller of the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Saturday). “These are terrible conditions – in the middle of Europe.”

After the fire in the Moria refugee camp, everyone assumed “that the terrible conditions would improve after the fire, but unfortunately the reality is different,” said Müller. And the toughest winter weeks are still ahead of the refugees.

7,500 people live in makeshift camps

The Kara Tepe camp was established after the original Moria camp was destroyed by a major fire. At the time, about 10,000 refugees and migrants were homeless overnight. About 7,500 people currently live in the new makeshift camp. It was only Friday that the organization of SOS Children’s Villages announced that at the beginning of this week a three-year-old girl had been raped in the Kara Tepe camp.

Müller said it was particularly bad for the children born in refugee camps. “I spoke to African women who were raped on the run and who were sitting on the bare ground waiting for their children to be born. Without hygiene or medical care,” he said of a visit to Moria in 2018. life should begin. ” He had visited refugee camps in Northern Iraq and Southern Sudan. “Nowhere were the conditions as bad as on Lesvos.”

Another problem is that the on-site recognition process took far too long. The older children would hardly have a chance to go to school. “If that doesn’t change, a lost generation will grow up here in the middle of Europe.”

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