Bad result: Macron camp “disappointed” by local elections

French President Emmanuel Macron’s party suffered a bitter defeat in the local elections. The winners are the Greens. But Macron is not only concerned with the result.

Voters in France put President Emmanuel Macron in the corona pandemic, putting a damper on the brakes: after the second round of local elections, a government spokeswoman admitted on Sunday “disappointing results” for his La République and Marche party. The Greens are the winners: according to forecasts, they triumphed in major cities such as Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux.

In the capital, Paris, socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, in partnership with the Greens, secured re-election for six years. Macron’s candidate, former Health Minister Agnes Buzyn, had no chance there. According to his office, Macron spoke of a “green wave” in France. As a result, a rearrangement of the cabinet is expected. Macron also expressed “concerns about the low participation”.

According to polling stations, only four out of ten French people went to the polls. In the middle of March there was already an abstinence in the first round.

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