Saudi Arabia is opening the opportunity to perform Umrah again from October. Citizens of the country will get this benefit first with due diligence. Opportunities will be opened for foreigners in phases. The news was reported by Saudi newspaper Arab News and French news agency AFP.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that the decision was made in the wake of the Muslim world’s aspirations for improving the condition of the coronovirus and a religious event. Umrah Hajj opportunities will be opened in a few steps.

The opportunity for Saudi citizens to perform Umrah Haj will begin on October 4. However, 30 percent of the total capacity of the people can participate in Umrah. In other words, about 6,000 people will be able to perform Umrah.

In the second phase, the number of Umrah artists will be further increased from 16 October. Then 75 percent of the capacity of the Grand Mosque will be opened. That is, about 15 thousand devotees will be able to take part in Hajj.

In the third phase, the opportunity to perform Umrah will be opened to foreigners from 1 November. At that time, 20,000 people can recite at once. A total of 60,000 people will get the opportunity to perform Umrah daily.

In the fourth phase, when the risk of coronovirus is not high, the activities of the Grand Mosque will become normal.

The entry and travel of Omar passengers will be controlled using an app called ‘Atmarna’. The Haj Ministry and Umrah have launched this app. It can be used to monitor health information and travel information of pilgrims.

The Saudi Interior Ministry has advised all those who wish to participate in the Hajj or to wear masks at holy places, maintain social distance and take all necessary precautions. They say they want to protect everyone from inside and outside Saudi Arabia from the risk of an epidemic by allowing them to practice their religion in a safe and healthy manner.

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