Bangladeshi survivors in Singapore (Video)

A Bangladeshi worker was working on a tower crane 40 meters above the ground in Singapore. Suddenly he got a leg injury. Loss of ability to come down. The Department of Civil Defense of Singapore has shown great skill in protecting it. The country’s Straits Times reported that after trying for nearly an hour, they were able to rescue the 47-year-old migrant. Intelligent personnel of the Civil Defense Force (SCDF).

According to the Straits Times, workers were injured at the Howe Sun Drive construction site around 4:30 pm on Monday. He lost the strength to get out of there due to a leg injury. As soon as the news was received, rescuers from Disaster Assistance’s Elite Division and SCDF Rescue Team reached the spot.

The Straits Times reports that four specially trained workers climbed through the cat ladder. Everyone tries to protect themselves by tying cranes and ropes around the body. One in four was cross-trained. He treated the injured Bangladeshi when he was up. Another team prepares the stretcher and sends it upwards in the same way. The injured person is raised on a stretcher while sitting at that narrow place at such a height from the ground! Eventually he can land safely.

According to the report, a doctor treated the victim before being sent to Senengkang General Hospital.

A video of the rescue operation has been posted on the SCDF Facebook page. However, watching a 1 minute and 9 second video is no way to understand the drama of the rescue operation.

According to the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, the developer of the project is a Chinese-owned company. The Bangladeshi man was working under Capital Cranes Global. The ministry said it was investigating whether the company was negligent.

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