Passion took a group of hundreds of immigrants to Thane. The group was found in the Borderian forest of Croatia. There are immigrant groups from several Asian countries including Bangladesh, Middle East and North Africa.

The idea is that these immigrants are trying to enter EU countries early before the EU takes steps to tighten immigration laws.

Since the Balkan uprising in 2015-16, migrants and refugees have been saved as a transit route from poverty-stricken Bosnia. But a recent Reuters report claimed that a grand ceremony to enter Europe from Bosnia via the Croatian border has begun.

Cooking, Photo - Reuters

Apart from Abul, around 500 other youths have taken refuge in an abandoned factory building in the jungle. Somehow he survived by burning a fire to avoid extreme cold. Just waiting to cross the border. Then a handful of advanced lives in Europe.

According to Reuters, 500 young Bosnians have been evacuated from shelter sites in the city of Bihak and Velika Kaldusa. Bosnian authorities refused to give shelter to the group of immigrants. At the same time, they are reportedly preparing to close several immigrant shelters in the city.

Bosnia has always welcomed immigrants since the 1990s. But recently he is going to tighten the policy of giving shelter to immigrants and has expressed concern by demanding their burden.

Ethnically divided Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia have always refused to accept immigrants. As a result, immigrants seek asylum on the Bosnian Sergio and Krasnodar borders.

They are spending the night on an abandoned factory basis. Photo - ReutersHe said a group of 50 people were seen trying to cross the border on Tuesday morning. One of them shouted, “I’m coming to Italy.”

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