Decades ago, food-loving people of Jessore used to come to Choknagar in Dumuria Apazhila of Khulna for food. Khasir meat cooked with Chaujhal is available in Abbas’s hotel. What a taste!

Apart from Khulna of Khulna Division, Chuhihal is now very popular in Jessore, Satkhira and Narela districts. Not only meat, now the people of this region also use chuhiyal along with fish, vegetables and pulses.


Chuizhal is a spice plant. It resembles a drinking tree. They grow by rolling other trees. Each of the fallen roots catches the other tree. However, the base of the chuhihal is thicker. It grows well in dry and shady places. When the tree starts growing, it is planted in shimul, sajon, betel nut, palm or coconut trees and the chuihal grows in the shelter of that big tree. It takes 6-7 years to become a fully grown tree. Fish, meat, vegetables or veg, twigs can be used by cutting the trunk of the tree and washing it in water. In this case, cut the stem 2-3 inches long and then cut it into small pieces and give it to the meat and curry. Chuizhal (wood chunk) is used in cooking all types of meat and vegetables. If you cook with it, you can add extra chili. As delicious as it is for eating cooked meat and vegetables, it is also unique in its aroma and nutritional value.

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Farming started in jesore Either four years ago

That was four years ago. Ayub Hussain, deputy assistant agricultural officer of Bodkhana village in Jhikargachha Apazhila, Jessore, brought a chuihal vine (harvesting) and buried it on the base of a tree in Abu Kalam’s house in Barabakpur village. At his suggestion, the roots of the trees were always kept dry and the ashes of the stove were given. The Chuizhal tree had to be sold because the Shimul tree was sold a few days ago. However, Kalam sold the tree for Tk 6,000 as he did not know the market value of Chuijhal. You can later find out that Chuhiyal has been sold for 30 thousand rupees! At present, almost all the houses in Jhikargach Barabakpur village have two to four chuhiyal trees.

He had an actual conversation with Nazma Begum, the wife of Sheikh Abdul Halim, a migrant from this village (Dewanganj, Sheikhpara). His house and garden on about 9 katha of land. There are different trees. He said, लगभग About three years ago, at the invitation of the Upazila Agriculture Officer, I went through a training and learned the process of cultivation of Chuizhal. At the end of the training, one and a half people were given chuhiyal plants one by one. Then I come home and plant it at the base of the tree. ‘

He said that the method of cultivation of chuizhal is very simple. No additional care is required. The bark of the tree under which it is planted is better if it is soft. Because the roots coming out from the stem of the chuizhal hold the tree. Sometimes it is better to give organic manure at the base of the tree. However, care should be taken that water does not accumulate at the base of the tree.

Nazma said, said I sold two trees before the brain. When the buyer weighs it, it is more than half. There is a lot of loss due to not knowing the price. I have made plants myself and planted 10-15 trees this time. ‘

Nearly every house in the locality now has at least three to four chuhiyal trees.

One such person, Sharmeen Begum, said that the Chuihal tree was first planted a year and a half ago. Now there are 12 big and small trees here.

Sale = itemprop of chuhihal

Thus, the house of Fakil Hussain’s wife Rekha Khatoon has three trees and the house of Kulsoom Begum, wife of Safikul Islam, has six trees.

They said that they sold the entire year as well as they wanted. They use chuhiyal in every cooking.

“As part of a project, chuhiyal saplings were distributed to about 500 families in our ward,” said Anwarul Islam Rifar, a UP member (ward number 1 of Gadkhali Union), a resident of the village. I planted two plants myself. They could not survive. However, many are now farming and have made good profits by selling. ‘

Sellers in Jessore Barbazar say that Subhash Das has been selling Chuizhal in Barbazar for the last 10 years. Joy Halladar has been selling next to her for almost 15 years. He told that even five years ago, there was not much sale of Chuhiyal. Now the number of buyers has increased. Demand for this specialty has increased significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

What is its price?

In Jessore, Chuizal is being sold as Rs 400, Rs 500 and Rs 600 per kg (thick and thin).

Chuhihal in Jessore hotels

Recently, meat is being sold at various hotels in Jessore. Cafe Press Club proprietor Rafiqul Islam said that the hotel was built in hotels in view of the demand of food lovers due to its rich nutritional value and taste.

He said that normal cooking was done in the hotel. But now sales are also quite satisfactory due to the written advertisements of chuzal meat being available.

This is said by agricultural officials

Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer (Jhikrgachh) said. Ayub Hussain said, ar A gentleman named Zafar Ali of Bodhkhana village in Jhikragachha Apazhila used to cultivate Chaujal separately. One day I brought them saplings and gave them to a farmer in Barabakpur. After a year and a half, he sold the tree for Rs 9,000. It was later revealed that it was sold in the market for Rs 35,000.

He said that in 2016, Chhuial saplings were distributed to 500 families in Barabakpur, under the direct supervision of the Upazila Agriculture Officer. While some trees die, many grow, making a profit by selling them. This is why many people are now planting saplings from the neighborhood.
Dipankar Das, Assistant Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension Department, Jessore, said, “Chuhiyal is being cultivated at home in some places in Jhizhargach, Manirampur, Ichali Sangha of Sadar Upazila and Keshabpur.” No space, no cost – but at the end of two years, people are getting a lot of encouragement due to good income. The Agriculture Department is also campaigning and training. The future of Chuizhal is very good because the consumer is growing now, it is full of nutrients and its drug value. ‘

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