Banksy’s ironic reinterpretation of Monet has come under the auction hammer. The artist’s painting has thus far achieved the second highest prize of all his works.

An ironic reinterpretation of a Monet painting by British artist Banksy has been auctioned for £ 7.6 million (£ 8.4 million). The oil painting entitled “Show Me the Monet” was previously valued at three to five million pounds, auction house Sotheby’s announced Wednesday.

Instead of the idyllic garden, an illegal rubbish dump

It is the second-highest auction price ever achieved for a work by the artist. A year ago, Banksy’s oil painting, showing the British Parliament inhabited by monkeys, paid a record £ 9.9 million.

Banksy painted “Show Me the Monet” in 2005, it was displayed as part of a collection called “The Crude Oils” in his second gallery show. The painting takes over Claude Monet’s Impressionist masterpiece “The Japanese Bridge” and transforms the idyll of the Giverny garden into a modern, illegal garbage dump. A shopping cart and orange traffic cone float in Monet’s lily pond.

Banksy “voice of protest”

“Always forward as the voice of protest and social contradiction, Banksy sheds light on society’s disregard for the environment in favor of the wasteful excesses of consumption,” said Alex Branczik, contemporary art director at Sotheby’s in Europe.

Banksy has become world famous as a graffiti artist, but his identity is known to only a handful of confidants. His works often have political messages.

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