Banksy’s rescue ship has to make an emergency call itself

A Sea-Watch ship painted by the artist Banksy had last saved 89 people. Now there were problems at the second exit – the crew urgently needs help.

The rescue ship “Louise Michel”, donated by the British artist Banksy, made an emergency call after a second rescue operation in the Mediterranean. “We urgently need help,” the crew said on Twitter online on Saturday. One dead and several injured were on the ship. It is also so overloaded that it can no longer maneuver. According to the crew, authorities in Italy and Malta initially did not respond to the emergency call.

After an initial rescue operation on Thursday, in which 89 people were rescued, The ship rescued 130 more migrants from a sinking dinghy on Friday, the crew said. In addition to the fatal accident, there are several migrants with fuel burns on board. The people have been at sea for days and urgently need help.

219 refugees on “immobilized” ship

In addition to the ten-man crew, there are now 219 refugees on board the “Louise Michel”, the crew said. The deck is completely overloaded. 33 people would still have to stay on the ship in a lifeboat. For both reasons, the “Louise Michel” can now “no longer move”.

According to the Marinetraffic website, “Louise Michel” was under the German flag on Saturday morning about 90 kilometers southeast of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Banksy criticizes refugee policy

The ship was chartered in strict secrecy. Banksy, known for his criticism of European refugee policy, has decorated the ship with graffiti of a girl in a life jacket with a pink lifebuoy in the shape of a heart. The “Louise Michel” is named after a 19th century French anarchist.

This year, more and more migrants are trying to get to Europe by boat from Libya and Tunisia. According to estimates by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 300 people died during the crossing by 2020.

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