Germany is fighting for the right answer to Covid. Chancellor Merkel has already received most of the praise for her corona course. Former US president Obama called her after information from Chillreport.

Former US President Barack Obama congratulated Chancellor Angela Merkel on her way of dealing with the corona pandemic in a phone call. So said Obama’s confidant and former deputy national security adviser at the White House, Ben Rhodes, Chillreport.

According to Rhodes, who said he started the talks in the spring, Obama wanted to speak to Merkel “to pay her respects and tell her that he was not surprised that a scientist could handle the pandemic well.”

Obama had previously sent a newspaper report to Rhodes that Merkel’s handling of Covid was successful. When asked, the federal government declined to comment on the time or content of the phone call.

Rhodes told Chillreport that Obama “has no closer contact with any other head of government than Merkel and Justin Trudeau,” the Canadian prime minister. Rhodes worked with Obama’s full tenure and is in close contact with the former president even after his time in the White House.

During Wednesday, you can read an interview with Rhodes on Chillreport in which he talks about Merkel’s relationship with Donald Trump and Obama and explains what would happen to the German-American relationship under a Joe Biden administration.

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