Barca star who wants to change – ex-Bayern star Xabi Alonso: Messi follows a feeling

Munich (AP) – Former Bayern pro Xabi Alonso has expressed his understanding for world footballer Lionel Messi and his desire to leave FC Barcelona.

“I have the impression that he is following a feeling. That he has come to the conclusion that he now needs something different, something new to feel the absolute joy of football again,” said the 38-year-old Spaniard in an interview with ” Süddeutsche Zeitung “. He has no first-hand information and does not know Messi personally. “But actually: you have to understand such decisions.”

An impending club change for the Argentinian superstar is not inconceivable, said Alonso, who played for Bayern Munich from 2014 until his retirement in the summer of 2017. “The moment Messi wears a different shirt, it’s over. The unimaginable ceases to be unimaginable the moment it happens,” said the former world champion.

He saw FC Barcelona’s humiliating 8-2 against the German Champions League champions at home. “What happened belongs to this category of the incomprehensible,” said Xabi Alonso. “I don’t just mean the amount of victory. I mean the superiority of Bayern, their superiority – and that in a game of this importance.”

The former Munich strategist is still closely following Bayern. “I still have a lot of friends there. And before the tournament started, we had all recognized the great line of the team and said: we can win the Champions League!”, Assured the Spaniard, who is second at his home club Real Sociedad. . Team trains.

Joshua Kimmich received special praise from Alonso: “He learned incredibly quickly. Joshua Kimmich has found his role and has reached the point of maturity. He is at a level that allows him to play on any team in the world.”

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