Leverkusen (dpa) Heiko Herrlich has only been a coach in the Bundesliga for three years, but has already experienced some remarkable situations.

During his time in Leverkusen, he caused a stir with a swallow after a light push from Gladbach’s Denis Zakaria. He was finally fired the day before Christmas 2018 after two previous wins. It started in Augsburg in March, three days after taking office, all Bundesliga matches were canceled due to Corona. For the second time, the ex-national player missed his debut after the May reboot due to a pandemic violation, which he himself had told openly. And after all, he had to take a break this season because of a lung disease and surgery that had become necessary.

Monday (8.30 pm / DAZN) Heiko Herrlich experienced something so-called banal. Something that is almost weekly for colleagues like Bruno Labbadia. What he himself has not yet experienced: he plays with FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga against a club he has coached before.

And thus also against his successor Peter Bosz, who is still in office. No, he did not contact Herrlich at the time to find out more, the Dutchman said on Sunday. Bosz and Herrlich first met as coaches. On December 2, 2017, there was a 1-1 draw between Herrlichs Leverkusen and the Dortmund players trained by Bosz.

The balance between the clubs is clearer. Augsburg did not win any of the 18 first division matches. Leverkusen have won twelve times, including their last four matches. Should Leverkusen also win on Monday, they would jump to fourth in the table and get off to a decent start to the season, which has been mixed so far. But Augsburg also wins fourth place with success.

Incidentally, Herrlich returns without bitterness. The timing of the release was surprising, “but the gratitude still outweighs the fact that I got the chance,” he said. Leverkusen bosses Rudi Völler and Fernando Carro also emphasize the good relationship with the ex-coach.

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