A long-awaited investigation report into the wildfire in Australia has been released. At the same time, the report said, the country should be prepared for the dangerous future of many worse natural disasters. A royal commission report contains 60 recommendations for the government. Among various issues, these recommendations include detailed proposals for development in the field of disaster management initiatives, tools and the collection of climate information.Air pollution due to fire in large parts of Australia

Fire is not uncommon for Australians. Locals call it the bushfire. Forest fires usually break out every year due to the heat of summer. The fire of 2019-20 has surpassed all previous records and intensity. At least 33 people have died in this year’s fire. Numerous wild animals and plants were also burnt to ashes. A royal commission was formed to investigate the causes of the fire.

The Commission’s report, along with several recommendations from the government, said the fire was caused by climate change. It has also been warned that the situation will worsen in future. The Australian Government states that the recommendations of the Commission will be carefully and systematically reviewed.

From July 2019 to March this year, wildlife in Australia has consumed approximately 24 million hectares of forest. All the states of the country have been affected by this most terrible and deadly fire season. Nearly three thousand houses are burnt. Hundreds of millions of animals were displaced or died. The fire also spread to large areas including Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. According to a survey, air pollution has contributed to the deaths of at least 445 people. Many more had to be hospitalized for the same reason.

An investigation report into the cause of the explosion says that global warming cannot be stopped in the next two decades. This is why complex disasters such as fires, floods, and hurricanes will become more common and occur at the same time or continue to occur one after the other.

The report said that the impact of natural disasters and its aftermath at the national level will no longer be sustainable in the event of another disaster. The report also said that overall we have to be prepared to deal with these disasters. The report also said that it is possible to partially resolve these disasters through the preparation of officials.

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