Due to increasing corona numbers, it is advisable to reduce contact with the family before Christmas. North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Laschet is therefore considering longer school holidays.

Armin Laschet (CDU) has extended winter school holidays in the most densely populated state due to the corona pandemic. This is a “conceivable possibility,” Laschet said on WDR television on Tuesday to consider starting the holiday two days earlier.

Contact restrictions with family before Christmas

In concrete terms, this would mean that the winter holiday would not start on December 23, but on Monday December 21. That would mean the last day of school before Christmas on December 18. The state government will discuss this with associations, Laschet said. “The idea isn’t bad.”

The background to the considerations is that people should limit their contacts as much as possible before Christmas, so that there is no contamination at family celebrations at Christmas. “But there is also no security,” Laschet stressed.

Next year: school instead of carnival and ski holiday

According to plans by the state government, the two extra winter holidays can then be deleted from Carnival. Normally, students in NRW do not have lessons around Rose Monday. The Ministry of Education is considering this replacement solution, Laschet said. “Because one thing is clear: there will be no carnival next year.” And actually you shouldn’t go on a skiing vacation during that time, he added.

In a video chat with readers of the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”, Laschet said that an earlier holiday could be considered “to enable multi-generational families to have a more carefree Christmas if the number of corona cases remains high in December. Should remain level. “. Christmas is “very important in most families because people want to meet, be together, and spend time together.”

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