Berlin (dpa) – The new player alliance of football professionals such as Mats Hummels, Andreas Luthe and Almuth Schult has complained about the heavy burden of the tight schedule due to the corona pandemic.

“It is a tough program, for me the most exhausting thing I have ever experienced in my career”, former world champion Hummels from Borussia Dortmund told RTL / NTV and the “stern”.

At the moment, professionals have to accept the tension due to the exceptional situation, said Union Berlin goalkeeper Luthe. “But I do believe it’s important to remind clubs and associations that this won’t last forever.” Due to the corona pandemic last summer, there were only a few weeks between the end of the European Cup competitions and the start of the Bundesliga, and this winter the break will be significantly shorter than usual.

VfL Wolfsburg national goalkeeper Almuth Schult sees the tight timing as a reason for “significantly more injuries” in football. In the Bundesliga for women, the burden is particularly high because many players have to work on the side. “That was very tiring for many,” said Schult, referring to the past week.

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