Four beggars received a surprising financial blessing: with a free scratch card, they won a large sum. It is already clear to you what you are going to do with it first.

In France, four beggars won 50,000 euros in the lottery with a free scratch card. Just like the French lottoThe FDJ Association announced on Tuesday that the four homeless around the age of 30 had begged for a lottery shop in Brest, Brittany. A customer gave them a scratch card that he had bought in the store for one euro.

“What a surprise for the four young men when they found out that they had not won five euros but 50,000 euros,” said the lottery company. They shared the profit fairly, so everyone got 12,500 euros. According to an FDJ spokesperson, they have no plans yet of what to do with the money – except to get out of town quickly.

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