A Belgian teacher is fired for showing the caricature of Muhammad (PBUH) discussing the murder of French schoolboy Samuel Patti. A government spokesman said that the same cartoon was shown by the teacher who was killed after showing the caricature of Patty Muhammad (PBUH). According to local media in Belgium, German media Deutsche Welle gave this information.

The school is located in the municipality of Molenbeek in the Belgian capital Brussels. Belgian teacher went on to explain Patty’s murder and French satirical magazine Charley Hebdo published a cartoon of the Prophet (peace be upon him). However, he was dismissed after the incident.

A spokesman for the Mayor of Molenbeek said: “Our decision is based on the fact that these cartoons are obscene. If it had not been for the Prophet (peace be upon us) we would have done so. He said that the age of the students was 10 Is between 11 years old. Two or three parents have also complained about this.

A spokesman for the mayor claimed that his decision was not to punish, but to keep everything during the disciplinary process. After all the process is completed, the teacher may also have to face the administrative process.

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