Aigle (dpa) – In the course of the many falls and safety margins, numerous measures should be taken in cycling from the coming season. A safety manager must be appointed within the UCI to monitor international events.

At the same time, all organizers must appoint and train a security expert. To this end, an instrument is installed with which the organizers can identify possible risks on the routes in advance. The world association UCI announced this after a meeting of the Professional Cycling Council.

The guidelines for safety measures are also being revised, obstacles on the route are better identified and communication with drivers is improved. In sensitive areas such as the finish area, there must also be standards for barriers. In addition, stricter rules have been planned for both the drivers and the people in the escort vehicles.

There had been numerous serious falls in the past season, some of which were due to the poor safety of the routes. For example, during the Lombardy tour a private car drove onto the track shortly before the finish, causing Maximilan Schachmann to fall and break his collarbone. There was also criticism of the dangerous route during the heavy crash of the Dutchman Fabio Jakobsen in the Tour of Poland.

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