US presidential election winner Joe Biden has given top priority to combat the coronovirus epidemic following his victory over Donald Trump. His team said the plan to take electricity would increase the amount of virus testing and ask US citizens to wear masks. He is expected to announce the names of 12 members of the Coronovirus Task Force on Monday. Biden has also announced several other plans. This information has been known from the British media BBC report.

Biden is expected to be victorious, although votes are still being counted in many states. However, his campaign team said that Trump was not ready to accept the defeat. He will launch a legal battle in several states. Although Trump has made unfounded allegations of fraud in the election, election officials say there is no evidence of fraud.

Last Saturday, several American media outlets announced Joe Biden as the winner. He will take over the White House in January under US law.

Biden’s team has announced several primary plans after taking office. A list of some plans that can only be completed by executive order of the Speaker without the approval of Congress. One of the goals of this list is to change the course of the Trump administration. Schemes included in the list include:

# Joe Biden will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which the United States officially withdrew from last Wednesday.

# The decision to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO) will be reversed.

# Travel restrictions imposed against seven Muslim countries will be lifted.

# The Obama-era policy of granting immigrant status will be re-enacted to restore unregistered migrants entering the United States as children.

In a speech to the nation after being declared the winner last Saturday, Biden said it was time to heal. He also promised to unite the country and prevent the opposition from thinking of them as enemies. He also announced prioritizing economic development, eradication of racism and tackling climate change.

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