Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads the US presidential election. This has come up in many public opinion polls. As the election draws closer, CNN and the survey agency SSRS have recently conducted a new poll. There is a similar picture. CNN reported on Monday that Biden was ahead in its latest national poll.

54 percent of those who voted supported Biden. On the other hand, 42 percent of voters supported the current President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden has been leading every CNN poll since 2019. He has been a leader in all major national opinion polls since last spring. However, ‘battlegrounds’ or ‘oscillating’ states have a special role in overcoming the electoral dilemma.

According to CNN, Biden has been in a more favorable position in elections than any other candidate in the last two decades.

Past President Donald Trump won the previous election by a narrow margin. After four years in power, his popularity has not gained much; No such image was seen.

More than 70 million voters have already cast their votes in this year’s US elections. This number is half the total number of voters in the 2016 elections.

According to the CNN-SSRS poll, 84 percent of those who voted in advance voted for Joe Biden. On the other hand, 34 percent of such voters voted for Trump.

Have not voted yet; However, 83 percent of voters planning to vote in advance are Biden supporters. Trump, on the other hand, has 33 percent supporters. In other words, Biden leads by a two-thirds margin.

According to the data collected by the election project, the number of voters who voted in advance is increasing. This year’s election may be the highest voting record in more than a century.

According to Reuters, the vote indicates the interest of the American people in the race between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump. It also shows the tendency of Americans to go to the polls and stay away from the risk of getting infected with coronavirus.

Democrats are in a beneficial position in the early elections because their position is in favor of the postal vote. Although historically Republicans have benefited from early voting. However, Republicans’ tendency to vote in advance has diminished after Donald Trump accused the rigging of the voting system.

Democratic leaders fear that Trump will not accept the result if he loses the election. Opponent Joe Biden also said that this is his biggest fear. Source: CNN, Reuters

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