The last-minute campaign for the US presidential election is now underway. As a result, the two main candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are busy winning the hearts of voters. Biden arrived in Pennsylvania on Monday without any prior announcement. He is expected to visit a voter activation center in Delaware County.

Biden voters will greet voters at the campaign center, CNN reported, citing Biden’s campaign camp. He will participate in the exchange of ideas and photo sessions with them.

Trump is holding rallies in Pennsylvania to increase his popularity. In such a situation, Biden apparently tried to inspire his supporters on a surprise visit.

Meanwhile, Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris has voted in advance for the US presidential election. In a post on Twitter, Kamala wrote, “I voted in advance. did you pay? ‘

A colleague of Kamala Harris said that Kamala and her husband Douglas Ehmoff voted via email on Monday. Earlier, US President Donald Trump also voted in advance.

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