Voting and counting for the presidential election in Dixville, a small town in New Hampshire, have already ended. All five votes cast went to Democrat Joe Biden. This is the first time the results of the US presidential election have been announced.

As usual, five voters from the Dixville Nachs went to the polling hall of Bolshomes Resort on Monday (November 2) at midnight to exercise their voting rights. After reading all the votes, they are counted. Then the results were declared.

Traditionally, results were announced at least a few hours before other constituencies in the United States. It is a favorite place for journalists and observers to get a glimpse of what is going to happen on election day.

However, in Dixville it is not always possible to get an accurate glimpse of the end result through the fruits of the dance. In 2016, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton won the election in the region. But in the end, the Electoral College vote went to Republican leader Donald Trump.

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