Biden supporters gather outside the White House to announce the election of Joe Biden as the 48th President of the United States. Thousands of Biden supporters gathered there to celebrate the victory. The entire area is dominated by Democrat supporters.

Roads outside the White House are now festive. Biden supporters played car horns and musical instruments. He is seen enjoying with music and bottles of champagne.

Many people in the crowd raised American flags. Many also appeared there with the flag of homosexuals. Someone came back wearing a T-shirt with Black Lives Matter written on it.

Retired translator Bernadette Attini was celebrating victory in the Black Lives Matter Plaza area. He said that he plans to celebrate the day by dancing and singing throughout the day.

Bernadette Attini told Al Jazeera that it took a lot of hard work to get rid of the terrible nightmares of the Trump era.

Biden supporters gathered outside the White House that day amid the Corona epidemic. But most of them had masks.

The huge crowd of Democrats was so large that at one point of time, traffic in the area was cut off.

Meanwhile, in his victory speech, newly elected US President Joe Biden vowed to create a united America.

“I promise to be a president who wants to unite without dividing the nation,” Biden said. Who does not see the red and blue states, only the United States.

He said that the people of America have spoken through this election. They have given us a clear victory. This is a victory of the people.

The newly elected US President said, “We have won the presidential election with the most votes in the history of this nation – 74% of the vote.” I am grateful for your trust and confidence in me.

“Millions of Americans have voted for me,” Biden said. This is a unique honor in my lifetime.

“It’s our job to make that vision a reality,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a statement in Biden’s victory speech on Saturday, Trump said he would not accept the rate; Rather continue the legal battle. Source: Al Jazeera

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