Biden’s phone conversation with shot black Jacob

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke on the telephone with Jacob Blake, a young black man who was recently “paralyzed” by police in Wisconsin. Blake tells him that no matter what happens, he will not give up. According to the BBC, Biden himself made the remark at a meeting in a church in Kenosha on Thursday (3 September). Jacob Blake’s lawyer also confirmed the information.

Jacob Blake and Joe Biden

The election of the US President is going to be held on November 3. And Wisconsin has become very important in the case of state elections. Trump won the 2016 election by a narrow margin. But this time, tensions are running high in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as Black Jacob Blake was seriously injured by a police bullet. In this context, Trump visited Kenosha on Tuesday (September 1). But he only met the police, not Jacob’s family. This has angered many. Many were also angry that no senior Democrat leader had gone to meet Kenosha before Trump.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden visited Kenosha on Thursday. He gathered at a local church. Supporters gathered there in small groups. Joe Biden tells him that he spoke on the telephone with Black Jacob Blake. Jacob tells him that he will not give up on anything. Whether he gains the ability to walk or not, he will never give up.

On Thursday, Biden and his wife met Jacob’s family at Milwaukee Airport. Although the meeting was very private, counsel for Biden and O’Blake later elaborated on the case. Biden said he was impressed by the indomitable resilience and optimism among Jacob’s family members.

Blake’s family lawyer Ben Crump also said the meeting was “honest”. Blake’s family was also pleased to see Biden’s honesty and interest in listening.

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