Joe Biden is on his way to power in the US presidential election. He has started a transition website to prepare for the formation of the government.

Presidential changes are made for the peaceful transfer of power from one President to another. For this purpose, Biden Camp has launched a transition website.

As a rule, the overall case will be coordinated with White House officials from the transition team’s office in Washington. And all updates to this process will be available on the transition website.

Trump, however, has not given up yet. Rather, he has claimed himself to be the winner. The Trump camp has also filed several lawsuits to stop the counting of votes. However, the Biden camp has begun preparations to take power.

According to the Transition website, there is a terrible crisis in the country; From day one, the Biden-Harris administration will continue to work to address issues ranging from epidemics to economic recession, climate change and racist activities.

In a speech in Wilmington, Delaware on Wednesday, Biden expressed optimism about coming to power. Joe Biden said he did not come to declare himself the winner. But his victory is now clear.

In a speech with the running Kalma Harris, Biden vows once again to form a united nation. Said he wants to erase the red-blue divide.

Democrat candidate Biden, who did not claim victory before counting the rest of the vote, said it was clear after the overnight count. I will not declare here that we have won. But I want to say that when the count is over, we are confident that we will win.

Once the election results are finalized, Biden said, it will be time to put aside the rigors of the election campaign and see each other again, hear and show mutual respect and care. Asked to unify the country, Biden said that Americans would stop thinking of each other as enemies.

He also promised to rule the country like the US President. As Democrat Joe Biden said, there will be no red states and no blue states after winning at, only the United States. I will work hard for all those who did not vote for me or did not vote for me. ‘

Pointing to the election result, Biden said that every vote should be counted. “We, the people, will not be silent,” he said, referring to his possible victory as a victory for the American people. Sources: BBC, Reuters

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