Thousands of statues gather every morning in front of the Kalkini Upazila Health Complex in Madaripur. With the light of dawn, a flock of birds turned around.

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A large number of curious people come to see the idols together. Alam Chowkidar, the owner of a tea shop, has been feeding Shalik for many years.

Birds have to buy bread for 500-600 rupees every day. Although the income from selling tea is not very high, Alam chowkidar lovingly feeds for Shalik. When the bread factory closes, he makes his own baked bread and gives it to the birds.

If Shalik gets injured from time to time due to various reasons, the Alam Chowkidar provides necessary services. He was given necessary support by the local people. A kind man regrets that he is not able to provide sufficient food in proportion to the number of birds.

Birds fly here and there and feed in the mind. Shalik comes back in groups the next morning. It goes day after day…

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