In the Indian state of West Bengal, the opposition party BJP has celebrated 20 September as ‘Mother Language Day’. According to a report published on BBC Bangla Online by British media, the party leadership has also launched a strong campaign on social media. Police took out a rally on Friday in riot gear, in which hundreds of protesters were removed from the truck. Police took out a rally on Friday in riot gear, in which hundreds of protesters were removed from the truck. Two BJP workers were killed in this incident – this day is remembered as Mother Language Day in his memory.

Image Source: BBC Bangla “.

However, the BJP’s argument that the Bengali language is endangered under the influence of Urdu or Arabic in West Bengal does not agree with many writers or linguists in the state. The ruling Trinamool Congress also thinks that importing a new day in place of International Language Day on 21 February is nothing more than an attempt to distort history.

In fact, according to a report in BBC Bangla, the United Nations has recognized 21 February as International Mother Language Day in memory of the martyrs of the Bahna language movement in East Pakistan. Apart from this, several celebrations are held in West Bengal on May 19 every year in memory of the language martyrs of the Barak Valley in 1971.

However, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has been campaigning hard on Facebook and social media for the last few days, now Mother’s Day should be celebrated on 20 September. As a reason, he says, two BJP supporters of Darwit, Tapash Burman and Rajesh Sarkar, were shot by police on the same day in protest against Urdu aggression in the state.

West Bengal BJP chief spokesperson and general secretary Sayantan Basu said, “Leftists and Congressmen have made Mother Language Day on February 21 in the state. This is the situation in Bangladesh, the state had nothing to do with it.” Water instead of rainbow, rainbow instead of sky, sky instead of sky or fupi instead of PC is running in West Bengal today, it is understood that Bengali language is affected! Our initiative against this domination of Urdu and Arabic in Trinamool era People have to be made aware.

Well-known Bengali writer Jaya Mitra believes that Mother’s Day can never be celebrated by attacking any other language. His question to BBC Bangla was, if it is named Mother Language Day, then what will happen to those whose mother tongue is Urdu in this state? Or what will happen to those whose mother tongue is Tamil or Hindi? “He said, celebrities. Actually, celebrating Mother tongue day does not mean hating any other language.”

Kakli Ghoshadstidar, a senior MP and spokesperson of the ruling Trinamool Congress in the state, says that celebrating Mother Language Day on a new date is actually part of an old BJP strategy. “This is an attempt to change the course of history,” he said. They are also naming social projects in the name of Gandhi after those who follow their ideology. The same is said for launching Language Day. ‘

Kakli Ghosh Dastidar claimed that none of the prominent leaders of the BJP, a party in the Hindi belt, was Bengali and the party had no spiritual connection with Bengal. He told BBC Bangla, he comes to Bengal and leaves a speech in Hindi or Gujarati – people of West Bengal don’t like it at all. Why not reach the hearts of the people with their language, customs, customs which they have not yet learned. This is why half the people do not understand his speech. But because they have a lot of money, they have been able to spread a lot of money in the Lok Sabha elections. And now the Bengalis are trying to tickle the emotions to find land under their feet in the state. ‘

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