Black cyclist shot by police officers

The series of police brutality against African Americans continues: now a black man has been shot dead by officers in Los Angeles. The circumstances are still unclear. There were demonstrations that evening in the American metropolis.

In the United States, another black man was shot dead during a police operation, this time in Los Angeles. It is 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee, who was on a bike on Monday when two police officers tried to stop him for an unspecified violation of the cycling rules.

According to police, Kizzee ran away first and then punched one of the officers who were chasing him in the face. He is said to have dropped a bundle of clothing that contained a semi-automatic weapon. Then the police opened fire. Kizzee’s family attorney said Kizzee had not picked up the gun. “But the police shot him more than 20 times in the back and left him for hours.” A police spokesman said there were less than 20 shots. An autopsy should be done later in the day.

The police spokesperson could not say which cycling rules Kizzee should have broken. He also did not provide details about the two police officers involved. The family attorney, prominent civil rights activist Benjamin Crump, called on Twitter to send him videos of the incident, if they were available.

There have been demonstrations in Los Angeles

The latest case in the series of police operations that killed a black man saw protesters in Los Angeles taking to the streets that evening. A memorial march was planned on Tuesday.

Since May, when African American George Floyd was murdered in a Minneapolis police operation, there have been regular protests against racism and police violence, as well as riots, in many American cities. The newest hotspot is Kenosha, Wisconsin, where a black man was shot in the back and seriously injured by police. President Donald Trump arrived there on Tuesday for a visit, although the state’s mayor and governor had declined.

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