Blank firearm used – special task force advancing

In Baden-Württemberg residents heard gunshots. As the police had no details, the building was surrounded and the special task force pulled in – it was a blank gun.

Shots from a white-firing revolver led to a major police operation in Bruchsal – including the special task force and helicopters. Police said residents of Speyerer Strasse had heard gunshots from a residential building in the afternoon. The building was surrounded. Due to the unclear situation, the special working group in Baden-Württemberg was approached and a helicopter was requested. However, there was no evidence of threat or injury.

In the evening, a man came out and was temporarily arrested. According to him, there were three other men in the apartment. Eventually the special officers managed to gain access and found the men there who did not resist. One of them admitted to firing multiple shots with the emergency pistol that had been seized at the same time. All were provisionally arrested.

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