After the horrors of August, another explosion occurred in Beirut. According to the BBC, the explosion killed at least four people and injured at least 20. The cause of the explosion is not yet known. The rescue operation is on.

The BBC reported that the bombing occurred shortly after noon in front of a fuel tank in Tariq al-Z district of Beirut. Television footage showed smoke coming out of the narrow street. Fire service personnel are using high ladders to take out the occupants trapped in the buildings.

The sound of the explosion again caused panic in the area. A local woman wrote on Twitter, and the noise and shock in the house scared all of us. And everyone in the street where I lived was screaming. I remembered my old words. ‘

On August 4, a warehouse in the port of Beirut caught fire, which was followed by a massive explosion. The warehouse was said to store 2,750 tons of the hazardous chemical ammonium nitrate for about six years. Half the city was destroyed by that powerful explosion. Nearly 200 people lost their lives and at least six and a half thousand people were injured. The total damage from the explosion is over several billion dollars.

An investigation is still on to find out the exact cause of the explosion at the port. However, exactly six days after the incident, the Lebanese government was forced to resign due to widespread criticism over allegations of corruption and mismanagement. But the danger did not end here. Then, last week, three more major fires broke out in the Lebanese capital. However, the exact cause of these devastations is still unknown.

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