Boat parade for Donald Trump ends in disaster

In the United States, it is the day of the election of the head of state, supporters of Donald Trump held a parade of boats on a lake in Texas. Some went under.

Several boats were in distress during a Texas boat parade in support of incumbent Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. On Lake Travis, northwest of the city of Austin, several boats were full of water and a few have even sunk, the district sheriff’s office said Saturday. No injuries or other medical emergencies were reported.

There is no evidence of sabotage as the cause of the accidents, the sheriff’s spokeswoman Kirsten Dark said. Photos posted on Twitter showed boats carrying pro-Trump flags in choppy waters. The high waves may have been caused by the large number of boats and ships on the lake. More than 2,500 users indicated on Facebook that they took part in the boat parade. According to authorities, it was between three and five kilometers long.

The authority’s spokeswoman, Dark, confirmed that there had been an unusually large number of boats on Lake Travis. “Some were full of water, some were blocked, some capsized – all kinds of things happened,” she added. How many boats have sunk has yet to be checked.

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