Bolsonaro withdraws controversial personnel

Jair Bolsonaro appears to be cornered – he has to retract a controversial decision. A court had allowed an investigation into the head of state of Brazil for serious accusations by an ex-minister.

Brazilian head of state Jair Bolsonaro has withdrawn the appointment of a confidant for the head of the federal police. Bolsonaro announced his decision on Wednesday after a Supreme Court judge temporarily suspended Alexandre Ramagem’s appointment. In the controversy surrounding the replacement of the federal police top, Bolsonaro is under enormous legal pressure.

Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes temporarily suspended Ramagem’s appointment on Wednesday. This was incompatible with “the constitutional principles of impartiality, morality and the public interest”, the judgment said the news agency AFP was able to see.

Serious accusation against the Brazilian president

Ramagem is a confidant of Bolsonaros and led his security team during the election campaign. He is currently head of Brazilian intelligence agency Abin.

The Secret Service chief is also close friends with Bolsonaro’s son Carlos, who is under investigation for a corona pandemic disinformation campaign. He should have taken up his new post on Wednesday and succeeded Mauricio Valeixo, who was sacked from Bolsonaro last week.

The release of Valeixo put enormous pressure on Bolsonaro. Justice Minister Sergio Moro announced his resignation and accused Bolsonaro of seeking to exercise political influence over the federal police.

Deposition against Bolsonaro?

Bolsonaro had told him he wanted to replace the fired federal police chief with someone “whom he knows personally and who he could call to find out more about ongoing investigations,” Moro said. Federal police are responsible, among other things, for investigations into Bolsonaro’s sons.

A Supreme Court judge of the country instructed federal police on Monday to investigate Moro’s explosive charges. The investigation could pave the way for impeachment proceedings against Bolsonaro.

At a news conference on Sunday, Bolsonaro chose Ramagem with the words “So what?” defended. “Whose friend should I choose?” Asked the head of state ironically, referring to the charge that he personally knew the chief of the secret service well.

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