Boris Becker is the face of German men’s tennis. He has been working for the DTB for a number of years to further develop the players. But this work will soon come to an end, because Becker is stepping down.

Boris Becker will leave his position as head of men’s tennis at the German Tennis Federation (DTB) at the end of the year. The 53-year-old is quoted in a press release from the DTB on Wednesday that he “currently misses the time to further carry out this extensive task. In the future, Davis Cup captain Michael Kohlmann will assume full responsibility for the entire men’s section at the DTB.

“Working for the DTB has given me a lot of pleasure for the past three and a half years,” says Becker: “I remain on friendly terms with the DTB and can imagine taking on an even greater task if my time permits. at the DTB if the opportunity arises. “

“We are very grateful to him”

Becker took over his office in 2017 and led the Davis Cup team together with Kohlmann. Most recently, in March in Düsseldorf, Germany qualified for the second time for the newly created final round in Madrid.

The three-time Wimbledon winner also got involved with the youth. “We are extremely grateful to him for being available to us with this voluntary commitment,” said DTB Chairman Ulrich Klaus: “I will have fond memories of the Davis Cup weeks with him. We hope and would be very happy if there were any. in the future there is still a possibility to involve Boris Becker in the association. “

In addition to his work for the DTB, Becker also worked for years as an expert for the TV broadcaster Eurosport at the Grand Slam tournaments and also made comments for the British broadcaster BBC. The former world number one coached Novak Djokovic from 2014 to 2016, during which time the Serb won six Grand Slam and 14 Masters tournaments.

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