After the Brexit dinner, Prime Minister Johnson is pessimistic about the latest sprint in the negotiations on a trade deal. On television, he calls on the British to prepare for the failure of the talks.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on the population to prepare for the failure of talks with the EU on a post-Brexit trade deal. “I think we need to be very, very clear that there is now a high probability – a high probability – that we will have a solution that is more in line with Australia’s relationship with the EU than with the Canadian,” Johnson said. . on Thursday evening after a cabinet meeting in London.

By the “Australian option”, Johnson means a trade relationship without a joint contract, so that tariffs between Britain and the EU states would be payable under World Trade Organization rules. On Wednesday evening, Johnson’s hour-long meeting with Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission in Brussels, did not bring the hoped-for breakthrough: both sides continued to notice major differences in their positions. The negotiators on both sides must try to find a compromise on Sunday evening.

Johnson wants to “go” everywhere

The negotiators would go the extra mile and try again, Johnson said that evening. The conservative prime minister added, “And I’m going to Brussels, I’m going to Paris, I’m going to Berlin, I’m going everywhere to take a deal home.” He was referring to possible talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel or French President Emmanuel Macron.

Great Britain left the EU at the end of January. At the turn of the year, the Brexit transition period ends and Great Britain leaves the internal market and the customs union.

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