Boris Johnson increases the pressure on the EU: threat of a “no deal” Brexit

The British Prime Minister is increasing pressure on the EU: an agreement on a trade agreement should be on the table by 15 October. Otherwise there will be no contract.

Shortly before the next round of talks on a Brexit follow-up deal, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the EU to be faster and more accommodating. An agreement had to be reached in mid-October so that such an agreement could still be ratified. Otherwise, there will be no free trade agreement between Great Britain and the European Union, Johnson announced in London on Sunday evening. Instead, London relies on an agreement with the EU based on the Australian model.

So far, the EU has only one framework agreement with the Fifth Continent which, among other things, hits technical hurdles. Trade between Europe and Australia is generally based on the World Trade Organization (WTO). Applied to Britain, that would be the dreaded “no deal”.

Barnier will travel to London this week for negotiations

Britain’s chief negotiator, David Frost, was even sharper on Sunday, fully agreeing with Johnson that Britain had nothing to fear from a no-deal Brexit, he told the Mail on Sunday. “I don’t think we’re afraid of that in any way,” Frost said in an interview.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier is expected in London on Tuesday. Great Britain left the EU at the end of January. In a transitional phase until the end of the year, the country will still be part of the EU internal market and the customs union, so that almost nothing has changed in daily life. If no contract for future relationships is successful, there could be a hard economic break in early 2021 with tariffs and other trade barriers.

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