British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accepted the invitation to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day celebrations of India on 26 January. The British Foreign Secretary described the invitation as a great honor and assured that he would accept it. If Johnson attends the event in Delhi, it will be his first major bilateral visit since he took office last year. This information came from the report of Indian broadcaster NDTV.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

After gaining independence from Britain in 1947, the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. The country celebrates this day as Republic Day. In 1993, John Major, the first British Prime Minister, attended the Republic Day of India. Boris Johnson will be the second British Prime Minister in nearly three decades.

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has said that Boris Johnson’s presence at the Republic Day celebrations will mark a new era and a new phase in India-UK relations.

Accepting the invitation to attend the Republic Day celebrations in India, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement, “I am happy to visit India next year.” Boris Johnson also hoped that the visit would establish bilateral relations between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and himself.

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