Dortmund (AP) – Ottmar Hitzfeld reacted with incomprehension to Lucien Favre’s end at the Bundesliga football club Borussia Dortmund.

“I am sorry he did not get the chance to continue. I am convinced that Borussia Dortmund would have been Bayern’s toughest opponent this season with him,” said the former Dortmund and Munich coach of the Swiss newspaper. “Look”.

The 71-year-old retired soccer star called the exemption “unjustified” and referred to Dortmund’s group victory in the Champions League. “I’m surprised Dortmund is collapsing under public pressure. The approach seems hasty to me,” said Hitzfeld.

Bayern is “the measure of all things,” said the ex-coach. “As Dortmund, if you have a young team and you promote talent, you cannot feel like you are becoming champions at the same time. With this strategy, the title cannot be the goal. Especially since, unlike Bayern, BVB always has the best players. sold, ”said Hitzfeld.

Despite everything, Favre’s reputation has hardly suffered, he says. Hitzfeld believes that “all doors are open to the Swiss in countries like Germany, France and England. Even at top clubs”. Favre will “certainly be a sought after coach on the market”.

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