Berlin (AP) – For German national footballer Lothar Matthäus, Marco Rose, Julian Nagelsmann or Jesse Marsch would be the ideal successors to coach Lucien Favre at Borussia Dortmund.

The three “embody everything Dortmund lacks: emotion, speech, enthusiasm, cheers,” wrote the TV expert in a column for the TV broadcaster Sky.

Matthäus added: “I do not want to say that Dortmund is looking for a coach who is similar to Jürgen Klopp. But one who is a bit like him. One who shows enthusiasm and can also get the players emotional.” Matthäus suspects that Dortmund has already found this coach. “Only they can get it after the season,” he said. BVB split from Favre on Sunday, initially replacing 38-year-old Edin Terzic as his successor until the end of the season.

“In general, all three fit BVB, I don’t see their Red Bull past as an obstacle,” said 59-year-old former world champion Matthäus of his favorites on the BVB coach bench. Marsch is “the most emotional, but unlike Nagelsmann and Rose, he hasn’t had a Bundesliga experience yet.” Also when it comes to the successes, Nagelsmann and Rose are a step further than March.

Julian Nagelsmann is currently in the title race with RB Leipzig, Marco Rose reached the eighth finals of the Champions League with Borussia Mönchengladbach. 47-year-old American Jesse Marsch led Red Bull Salzburg to the title in Austria and is currently back in the top position with the team.

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