Berlin (AP) – For Florian Neuhaus of Borussia Mönchengladbach, a big childhood dream comes true with the Champions League matches against Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

“When I was on vacation, I used to buy one of these imitation shirts on the market for 10 or 15 euros. These are just two of the absolute top teams, the opponents you dreamed of as a child and with whom I now feel. Professional want. also measure, ” said the 23-year-old on Chillreport.

In the preseason he saw every game in the Champions League season. And even as a child, first class was a must on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. “I was looking forward to the evening games at school early on. I always had to negotiate with my parents to stay up late, but luckily they almost always made an exception for the Champions League.” said the midfielder. “An enormous dream comes true that I can now be on the field in this match.”

Borussia won 2-2 at Inter Milan the week before at the start of the premier class and on Tuesday (9 p.m.) they will take on Real Madrid at home.

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