Heidenheim (dpa) – The top man of 1. FC Heidenheim, Holger Sanwald, has defended his club’s approach in the confusion about various corona tests.

“It is our duty to investigate legal action against the responsible laboratory, as the preparation of the team for our match against VfL Osnabrück was seriously disrupted and we have incurred additional financial costs and image damage in recent days,” said Sanwald der German news agency.

Four players and a member of the coaching and functional team tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday, after which the club had new tests carried out by the Heidenheim Clinic – all of which were negative on both Saturday and Friday. All professionals were allowed to play against VfL Osnabrück (1: 1) on Sunday. The FCH is now investigating legal action. “What is legally possible in this regard must now be clarified for us afterwards,” added Sanwald.

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