After the injection, the symptoms came: Because a boy suffered serious side effects after a flu shot, his parents complained. They have now received damages in court.

A court in northern France has awarded parents € 1.4 million in damages because their son is seriously ill after a flu shot. The Rennes Administrative Court said the boy had developed symptoms of what is known as sleeping sickness and needed near constant supervision. The child was vaccinated against the influenza A virus H1N1 at the age of ten at the end of 2009.

According to the court, the boy was diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy in March 2012, which the parents attribute to the vaccination more than two years earlier. That is why the boy “suffered” from constant sleep attacks during the day, according to the court ruling, received by the AFP news agency on Tuesday.

The number of anti-vaccinations in France is increasing

He said he had “tremendous difficulty waking up in the morning” and that he had to be “almost constantly monitored” because he suffered from muscle weakness and the risk of falling.

The court justified the unusually high compensation with the young man’s “side effects of drug therapy,” such as obesity and depression.

In France, the number of people who are against vaccinations has increased significantly in recent years. Experts point out that the so-called vaccination damage is often linked to undetected previous illnesses and that the benefits of a vaccination far outweigh the potential harms.

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