The departure of a member of the state parliament leads to a break in the AfD Schlewsig-Holsteins. The party thus loses its fraction status, but not for the first time.

The resignation of an AfD member from Schleswig-Holstein leads to a break in the parliamentary group there. It is not the first time that the AfD has dismantled itself in a state parliament.

The state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein, Frank Brodehl, leaves the party and thus loses its political status in the parliament of Kiel, for which four members are the minimum number. Brodehl surprisingly announced the move Friday in a debate over the offer in day schools.

Brodehl criticizes “radicalization of the party”

Brodehl left the AfD because of the radicalization of the party he felt. In a “ personal statement about leaving the party, ” the doctoral professor and education expert wrote on his Facebook page Friday that the overriding factor was “ the fact that the Schleswig-Holstein state association has evolved since the last party congress in a direction that was is completely unacceptable to me. : Rather than participating in the establishment of the AfD as a bourgeois-conservative political force, both the state administration and the clear majority of district administrations are systematically promoting the radicalization of the party.

At the beginning of the week, a leadership conflict in the AfD of Lower Saxony led to the fraction of the parliamentary group there. The previous chairman Dana Guth and MPs Stefan Wirtz and Jens Ahrends left the nine-member faction, the party announced on Tuesday. In the AfD of Lower Saxony, there has been a power struggle between moderate and more radical forces in the party for a long time.

Alexander Gauland: The parliamentary group dispute was also a problem in Berlin. (Source: Future Image / Image Images)

The breakup of the parliamentary group caused waves all the way to Berlin: AfD parliamentary group chairman Alexander Gauland appealed to the federal executive committee to initiate party exclusion proceedings against Guth because the AfD ‘is now combined with the senseless demolition of the group by Ms. Guth important federal state is virtually unable to act in parliament ”.

Internal disputes – also in other federal states

The AfD has also lost its status as a parliamentary group in the citizenship of Bremen. A year ago, the faction broke up only three months after the general election due to an internal party dispute. Chairman of the State Frank Magnitz and Members of Parliament Uwe Felgträger and Mark Runge announced their departure from the five-member parliamentary group. According to her, the trigger was an argument with group leader Thomas Juergewitz.

The atmosphere in the Bavarian AfD is anything but good at the moment. There, the group cut off its fall retreat last week after just one day due to internal disputes. Accordingly, the faction wing, which had been hopelessly disintegrating for months, could not agree on a common agenda for the actual three-day retreat to the state parliament. The 20-member parliamentary group has had a twelve-member group since April, which has rejected the parliamentary committee headed by boss Katrin Ebner-Steiner. However, so far it has not had the necessary two-thirds majority to vote.

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