Analysts believe that the Corona situation in Britain has taken a terrible form. In the run-up to Christmas due to the continuous rains for several days, the influx of people in shopping centers has increased. Eighty percent of England’s population is now subject to strict restrictions. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson says his government is still not losing hope of surviving a third countrywide lockout.

In many British hospitals almost all beds are already filled with corona patients. Many hospitals have been forced to discontinue medical services. Cabinet members met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in view of the situation. However, the Prime Minister said that they were trying to avoid another lockout across the country.

In Britain, 26,507 people were infected with coronavirus last Friday. In the last 24 hours, 479 other people have died.

In such a context, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on everyone to keep the Christmas system short and limited. Urging everyone to be patient, the British Prime Minister said that the Boxing Day crowd should be avoided and that large gatherings should not take place during the New Year.

Commenting on the situation of Corona in Britain, daily our time UK correspondent Saidul Islam told the Bengali Tribune that the situation in Corona is getting worse. The number of victims is increasing. Britain is not on track to impose lockdown in view of economic losses. He thinks that human unconsciousness is a major reason for the increase in corona incidence.

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