Britain is the first country in the world to have introduced the mass-administrator Pfizer-Bioentec Coronavirus vaccine. And like all, the majority of the 6 lakh British Bangladeshis feel that the vaccine will stop the death, the epidemic will go away. The pace of the economy will be cut. However, some of them have some questions and doubts. They have some questions about whether this vaccine will be effective at all, whether the material used in it is Islamic, and whether it will actually reach them. An imam of the community told the Bengali Tribune that any type of lethal medicine could be used. And the leaders there say that steps should be taken to end all confusion on vaccines.

In the first week of this month, the United Kingdom was the first country in the world to approve large-scale application of the coronavirus vaccine made by Pfizer-Biointech. Since then, the vaccine has been discussed in the Bangladeshi community. Nawab Uddin, president and journalist of the British charity, East Hands, told the Bengali Tribune that volunteers at his organization’s food bank in Shadwell, east London, are facing many questions every day. Some people want to know if any ingredient has been used in the vaccine, whatever it may be. They also want to know if any Bangladeshi participated in the trial.

Faisal Rahman, a British expatriate and alumnus leader at the University of Dhaka, told the Bengali Tribune on Saturday that there were questions among people in Britain about the possible side effects of Pfizer and Bioentech vaccines in the short and long term. There is competition among companies for vaccines. We do not know if a Bangladeshi participated in the trial of the vaccine being given in the UK. That is why there is a concern in the community about the vaccine. Community politicians, social workers, imams should all be collectively convinced.

The Imam and Khatib Maulana Nazrul Islam of the Bricklane Mosque in London told the Bengali Tribune that it is permissible to use the medicine prescribed by a doctor if one does not have a disease for a lifetime. Dr. Anwara Ali, a senior physician, was a Conservative Party candidate in the last election. “We should not listen to rumors on social media, we should also know and understand the opinions of experts,” he said.

A former deputy mayor and councilor of Tower Hamlet Council in London, Ahid Ahmed told the Bengali Tribune that the British government would not have announced the vaccine if it had not been effective. Scottish businessmen and social workers said. Wali Tasar Uddin told the MBE Chillreport that the situation would not change without the vaccine. However, it is unclear how long it will take to reach all people. All Europe Bangladesh Press Club vice-chairman Mahboob Sud said that the coronovirus is harming not only people but also families and society. So the vaccine is good news for mankind.

Social activist and London-based politician Biplab Kumar Poddar told the Bengali Tribune that more than 60,000 people have died in Corona in the UK so far. 1.6 million corona patients are officially registered. The condition of Corona in London has worsened over the last few days. People are now living under house arrest. People are disappointed with the corona outbreak.

The Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine has so far been applied to at least 4,000 people with laboratory tests and animal tests with British government approval.

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