Ella Adu Casey Debra, a 9-year-old British teenager, died six years ago after suffering from respiratory disease. The case was going on with the real cause of death. A British court recently convicted air pollution in that case. The New York Times reported.

According to experts working on environmental pollution, the reason for Deora’s death is to blame air pollution. Which makes it clear how deadly pollution can occur. This is an important condition like a public health emergency.

In Britain, Boris Johnson’s government has recently become more environmentally conscious. In view of the ‘Revolution Green Revolution’, various schemes have been adopted to save the environment by curbing climate change. At such times, part of the expert community thinks that the court’s decision on Debra’s death has become very important and instructive.

Deborah lived in the south-east of London. The court, ruling on Wednesday, said that much more toxic nitrogen dioxide had entered Ela’s body than the stated tolerance. Due to which they have trouble breathing and death.

After this decision, the teenager’s mother said, after such a long time, the girl has got justice. He warned the British people about public health, citing court observations.

Before his death in 2013, he was hospitalized at least 30 times in three years. In other words, he fell ill 10 times a year and was treated in the hospital. A judicial inquiry began in 2014 after his death.

Examining the atmosphere of Ella’s inhabited area reveals that nitrogen dioxide levels in the air are too high to cause traffic jams. As it enters the body with breath every day, it has created a problem of shortness of breath.

It is also known that the level of air pollution in the region has increased much earlier than the level set by the World Health Organization. Like, this is also a rule breaker.

According to the court observation, Debra’s mother was not properly informed about the cause of her daughter’s illness by doctors. If he had done so, he could have taken special measures to protect the girl and avoid death.

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