Brothels in Lower Saxony reopen – subject to hygiene regulations

Like hairdressers and other services close to the body, love mobiles and brothels in Lower Saxony should also be able to reopen on presentation of a hygiene concept.

The Lower Saxony Higher Administrative Court has suspended the closure of brothels and similar facilities by order of the state government due to the corona pandemic. A spokeswoman announced this on Friday. This also applies to street prostitution. A full ban is disproportionate because milder measures are available to protect against infection, she said of one of the Aug. 28 resolutions.

Body hug services: hairdressers and brothels

In one of the two cases, a landlord of so-called love mobiles had sued the closure. The 13th Senate ruled that roadside vehicles were not covered by the relevant part of the Corona ordinance. In the second case, the operator of a brothel took action against the scheme. He also referred to the body-hugging services, such as hairdressing, which have long been permitted under certain conditions.

The Senate has provisionally and with universally binding effect suspended the relevant regulation of the regulation. Until a possible new interpretation, the general rules for body-hugging services also apply in the field of prostitution. This includes a hygiene concept and documentation of the contact details. The decisions are final.

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