Will the dispute over the EU budget be resolved soon? Corresponding statements come from Polish Deputy Prime Minister Gowin. This means that the Corona aid could still flow.

According to Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin, Poland and Hungary have reached an agreement on the EU budget dispute with the German Presidency of the EU Council. “There is an agreement in the Warsaw-Berlin-Budapest triangle,” Gowin said in Warsaw on Wednesday. He believed that the other 24 capitals within the EU could also support this agreement.

Gowin did not provide details on what the solution might look like. He is optimistic that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will be able to negotiate a “good deal” on the EU budget at the EU summit next Thursday and Friday.

The EU is threatened with an emergency budget

In protest against a new procedure to punish rule of law violations, Poland and Hungary are blocking decisions for Corona’s billions of dollars in economic aid and the EU’s next long-term budget. This could mean that the EU initially only has some sort of emergency budget available in the new year. Many programs in areas such as research, health, education and youth would then be unable to start.

On Tuesday evening, after talks with Morawiecki in Warsaw, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said a solution was only “one centimeter” away. An agreement has not yet been definitively ratified in Brussels. “We are still waiting for final confirmation,” said an EU diplomat.

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