Berlin (dpa) – According to former Bundesliga manager Andreas Rettig, compliance with the 50 + 1 rule should affect the distribution of TV funds among the 36 clubs in the Bundesliga and 2nd Division.

“A bonus should be considered for the clubs that take into account the 50 + 1 rule desired in the field of sports policy,” said the 57-year-old in the “Kicker”. These clubs should be placed in a better position “because they consciously and socially and politically believe that they do not offer opportunities to generate capital, which is politically desirable”.

The 50 + 1 rule, which only applies in Germany, aims to ensure that clubs retain control of their professional divisions if they have outsourced them to a company and do not lose the majority of votes to an investor. In June, the German football league (DFL) raised a total of EUR 4.4 billion from the auction of media rights for the seasons 2021 to 2025. A different distribution of resources is currently under discussion, in light of the economic impact of the Corona crisis.

According to him, “uneven distribution” sees the danger of the clubs being driven to investors. “You get more and more money out of the pot, the better you place yourself. This leads to the rat race we know: you have to generate more money to get these meat pots,” said the former DFL manager. The system induces a club manager to “do unreasonable things.”

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